What is Carpet Browning?


You might notice carpet stains return after steam cleaning. You might also notice brown stains or yellow stains at the same time. This is called carpet browning. This occurs when steam cleaners saturate your carpet with too much water in their service. Learn more about carpet browning:

Here is how browning occurs in your carpet. You hire a steam cleaner you find online. The company sprays soap on the carpet and then fills gallon tanks full of water to rinse the soap and the dirt from your carpet. You need a lot of water to rinse out soap so steam cleaning uses a lot of water.

Your carpet is exposed to too much water during this process. The steam cleaning company attempts to dry the carpet with heated extraction and remove all of the water and moisture but that is almost impossible to do because of how much water is needed in their process. This leaves your carpet very wet after a steam cleaning appointment.

The water in the carpet seeps to the carpet pad and then through evaporation, the water, now containing deep dirt and soil from the pad, returns to the surface and creates a brown spot. You cannot absorb the stain since it is coming from deep in the carpet bad so it will continue to return until you schedule another carpet cleaning appointment.


Be careful when hiring a carpet cleaner. Try to find a service that uses low-moisture techniques for cleaning carpet.

Brighthouse Chem-Dry in Minnesota and Wisconsin uses 20% of the water steam cleaners use. That’s much less water and much less chance that carpet browning occurs.

We are proud to serve Woodbury and Eagan and a wide range of cities! We clean for homes and businesses in the area and deliver superior results you will love.

The Natural®, our cleaning agent, doesn’t contain soap. It is a proprietary mixture of carbonation and moisture that is all-natural and safe. No soap means we don’t need gallons of water for rinsing. Learn more at our website.

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