What Causes Carpet Mold?


You probably already know you don’t want carpet mold but do you know what causes mold to grow on carpet?

The reason that mold will grow on carpet is because of moisture. The moisture might come from the carpet being in a dark and damp room, perhaps in a basement or the moisture might come from an outside source like nearby flooding and excessive rain.

Sometimes the moisture or water comes from plumbing issues in the home or a crack in the ceiling from a worn roof.

Depending on how much moisture there is, there could be water damage to the carpet and the foundation of the home and it could require a restoration service to come to your home to salvage and repair as much as possible. But even a small amount of moisture can lead to carpet mold over time.

For example, hiring a carpet cleaner that uses too much water for their service could be a problem. Many cheap carpet cleaning companies use low quality equipment in order to afford their prices. This equipment requires a lot water to complete its process but its suction power isn’t strong enough to extract all of the water from the carpet.

After the carpet cleaner leaves, it could be 24 hours or more before the carpet is 100% dry. If the carpet is wet for that long or much longer it could lead to bacteria in your carpet or mold growth.


You definitely don’t want to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to clean your carpet and instead wind up with carpet mold.

You can prevent carpet mold if you have good air circulation in your home, run fans and air conditioning often. Also you should vacuum regularly and be sure to be diligent about auditing your home for leaky pipes and faucets and then, when it comes to carpet cleaning, call Brighthouse Chem-Dry.

Brighthouse Chem-Dry uses 80% less water than most carpet cleaning methods. This is because we don’t use soap for our process so we don’t need all the water necessary to rinse it from carpet.

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